In my early years growing up in a military family - I remember swimming at the base pool with snorkeling/mask and fins at 6 years/old. Later watching several marine research and scuba shows I became more interested in scuba diving and photographing. Now years past, I have been diving for over 30 years - spear fishing, hunting for abalone in northern California, to wreck diving in the warm tropics. Scuba diving among the vast oceans with the diverse sea life remarkable ecosystem has to be the best exploration - so discard those with their daily drama and immerse yourself in among our beautiful oceans.

Marine Photos

  • Dive Gear Used for tropics
  • Scuba Pro Nighthawk BC, Scuba Pro-Regulator MK25/S600
  • Scuba Pro split fins, Scuba Pro Smart Com computer / Compass
  • Henderson Dive Wear 3mm & 5mm full suits with hood, high def Go-Pro & Canon MrkII 5 D camera

Collection of Marine Images, digital downloads, quality enlargements, canvas, metal prints. Click on photos.

Wall dive - Roatan


Humpback Whale making a dive- Maui


Roatan Dive Photos

Sabellidae - Feather duster worms

Banded Coral Shrimp (Stenopus hispidus) in Bonaire - sometimes called Boxer Shrimp

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