Kenya, Africa - Tsavo Zebras along our 110 Mile Walking Safari - View photos of my12 day hike through the East and West Tsavo Natl. Park, Kenya. With adventure company (Tropical Ice) and 4 armed guards with their (AK-47's)from the Kenya Wildlife Service along with two Masai trackers. If you want a safari that includes adventure, danger, wildlife, and walking 5-6 hrs/day with great dinners - this is it!
.............Travel PhotographsKenya - Tsavo River Adventure
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The word 'Tsavo' - KiKamba word for (slaughter) had it's history dating back to Kenya's most well-known tribe - the Masai Morani. The Tsavo river is located in the south east area of Kenya Africa. Our 110 mile safari walk traveled eastward through two national parks, Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park. Feared by all tribes in the early 14th century, these fierce warriors are mostly now cattle and goat herders. But it was during these early times that the Masai Morani tribes attacked the Kamba people hence the area was called 'Tsavo'. This area of southern Kenya was crossed many times by Arab slave traders and many died walking along the way. These mainless lions, one of the largest in Africa, became quite use to the taste of human flesh and continued to hunt down humans during 1898. Col. Paterson, 32yrs/old, came from the British Government to build a bridge across the river Tsavo. During the nine months of construction the lions killed over 100 workers but they were finally shot by Col Patterson. Each measured over 9 feet long. The 'Ghost and the Darkness' movie was later filmed depicting this area and the construction. Please view my collection of photos of Tsavo (listed above in photos for sale), the train station and surrounding area that many of the workers from India and Africa were killed. Photos from 110 mile walk along Tsavo with 'Tropical Ice Safari'- The best!



  • List for an Africian Adventure
  • Tetanus - DPT - good for 10/yrs.
  • Hep A / B shots - Polio Booster - good for life
  • Thypoid, but this is only a few tablets
  • Anti-Malaria (pills before and after trip)
  • Kenya requires proof of yellow fever vaccination (they didn't even look)
  • Passports updated - Kenya airport entry charged $100 for visa but would not take 100 bill only 10-20's
  • Antibacterial ointment for cuts and abrasions - first aid kit and deet spray (90%)N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide for bad bugs.
  • Antidiarrhoeal drugs, Antihistamines, netting if you wish for tent
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs, tough boots
  • Sunscreen, Steroid cream or hydrocortisone cream for allergic rashes












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